A Preview of What's Inside:

A Message From the Course Creator

Guy Garcia, creator of Learning Past Tense for Kids, explains why he made the course and the results he's seen.

See One Child's Progress Through the Course

Watch as Guy sits down with student Enzo and practices the verbs.

Do you have a child who is struggling with learning Past-Tense Verbs?

Research shows that children with language delay may need over 1000 exposures to learn a new verb form. That's a lot of verbs and exposures!

This is why I created the Past Tense Verb Videos. As an SLP, I needed a way to help kids learn language that provided the intensity and was still efficient.

Each lesson in this series contains 45 examples of target verbs.

The formats for delivering the examples are based on research and come in three different forms: engaging videos with live child models, short stories, and sentence repetition.

This series can help children with:

✓ Special Education Needs
✓ Expressive Language Delay
✓ Receptive Language Delay
✓ Developmental Language Disorder
✓ Autism